Bitcoin in the Bundestag – A Pioneering Initiative for Political Engagement with Bitcoin

Bitcoin im Bundestag -kick-off event

It has indeed happened: Roman Reher from Blocktrainer, the renowned German-language Bitcoin YouTube channel, and Kristian Kläger, CEO and founder of GmbH, delivered a speech during the kickoff event of the initiative ‘Bitcoin in the Bundestag’ on Bitcoin in the German Parliament.

The initiative ‘Bitcoin in the Bundestag’ was launched by the independent Member of Parliament Joana Cotar and her research assistant Stephan Schmidt.

As German politicians still predominantly view Bitcoin as a climate-damaging speculative object and associate it with criminal activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering, the goal was to foster a better understanding of Bitcoin’s potential. Without getting bogged down in technical details, the unique potential of Bitcoin was to be highlighted, showcasing its ability to have a sustainable and positive impact on society. According to most opinions, this was achieved very successfully.

Following the speech, there was a Q&A session, during which Roman demonstrated his usual composure and expertise.

Privacy Was of Central Importance for a Successful Kick-Off

Considering that Bitcoin remains a complex issue in German politics, it was crucial to preserve the privacy of the participating MPs and their staff to shield them from possible scrutiny from their party leadership. The event was well-attended, including visitors from outside. As MPs and their staff preferred to sit in the back rows, visitors were invited to occupy the front seats.

The event was a major success, and there are plans for more Bitcoin events in the Bundestag. Cameras weren’t allowed during the main event, but later on I managed to capture some exclusive moments on camera, featuring selected opinions from organizers, the speakers, visitors, and MPs.