Digital or Physical? Bitcoin, Cash, or Card? Berlin Street Talk as the World Weighs In. (DE/EN)

Berlin Street Insights:
In the vibrant streets of Berlin, the world converges, bringing together a myriad of voices, cultures, and opinions. As the lines blur between digital and physical realms, we set out to answer some questions: Is Bitcoin set to become the currency of the future? Does traditional cash still hold its reign, or is the plastic card swiping its way to dominance?

Bilingual Conversations:
Bridging cultural gaps with interviews in both German and English. No voice goes unheard with our handy bilingual subtitles.

Dive Deep into the Financial Evolution:
Money is more than just a medium of exchange; it’s a reflection of societal values, technological advancements, and global trends. Join us as we weave through Berlin’s streets, unearthing insights, challenging norms, and discovering the pulse of a global community at the forefront of this financial evolution.

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